Writing Consultant

for film and books

Michelle has enjoyed the opportunity of assisting many wonderful writers realize their dreams with their screenplays, plays, novels, and non-fiction books.

Presently, she is consulting the estate of Jeff Corey to bring his memoir, Improvising Out Loud: My Life Teaching Hollywood How to Act, to the public. His former student and substitute teacher, Leonard Nimoy wrote the Foreword and the book will be out Spring of 2017.

Michelle wrote the screenplay for the short film, Beyond Belief, a romantic comedy.  She has now expanded it into a feature film currently in development. She co-wrote the script for the feature film biopic, The Close-Up, depicting the life of Mary Pickford.

In the book arena, Michelle is the author of Downloads From The Universe, Actually, There is Something Under the Bed: A Parent’s Guide to Empowering Their Child In the Dark,  as well as Of Course You Can Sing! Michelle also co-wrote with Kathy Kelly, Peter Straus, and Kenwyn Dapo, MenoOpop (a Menopause Pop-up and Activity Book)Weird, a novel about four teenage girls and their experiences with a OUIJA board will be her first fiction book.

“Michelle has a wealth of knowledge and experience growing up in the business which gives her a keen eye to help make sure your script is ready to be sent out into the world of the decision makers who can (greenlight) your script. Having Michelle take a look at my screenplay before I had a meeting with major studios such as Disney made me feel confident I was ready to take meetings.”  – Wendy Wilkins, Award winning Actress/Writer/Filmmaker

“ It was just one Skype session with Michelle Cohen, when I got to the point in my writing where I felt like my head was in a blender, that stopped the spinning and set me on a path of clarity and true direction.” -Robin McDonald, actress and librettist

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