a supernatural novel (based on true events) – combining the camaraderie of a modern day Little Women with a psychic Nancy Drew.


Weird #2



An innocent game of OUIJA turns into a complex journey into the dark side and beyond:


What do four, hyper-smart BFF honor students do when confronted with this curious message? Decide they are perfectly in control and able to solve the mystery on their own, of course. Grappling with “dead” strangers in need, demons, and eventually the Prince of Darkness himself, the girls slip a bit too deeply into a world inhabited by entities that have mischief on their mind. Do they succumb or do they find a way out as they discover their own supernatural powers and the inner strength that goes along with discovering yourself? The answer is WEIRD.

WeirdThis novel is based on author Michelle Cohen’s personal experiences and while the characters and storyline have been reworked to create a more fluid tale, every scene with the OUIJA board contains events that have not been made up or imagined.



Director, writer, producer, and performer