The Close-Up

…a biopic about Mary Pickford

The Close-Up is a feature-length biopic on the life of silent-movie star, Mary Pickford. The film Mary P 1_sizedfocuses on a strong willed young woman with dynamic relationships, her world-famous love affair, and her International influence unmatched to this day.  The project is centered around the early film industry (silent-film era) and includes the making of Hollywood, the Oscars, and United Artists Studios.

Mary Pickford was America’s Sweetheart – Hollywood’s first superstar. She was making $10,000 a week in 1914, more than the President of the United States – and yet, she could not vote for him.

Her romance with Douglas Fairbanks captured the attention of the world. Together with her business partners – Charlie Chaplin, D.W. Griffith, and Douglas Fairbanks – she took creative control away from the studios and founded United Artists.  She helped establish the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and won one of the first Oscars.Douglas_Mary_sized

“The ideal American girl is still the Mary Pickford character: extremely attractive, warm-hearted, generous, funny—but independent and fiery-tempered when the occasion demands. She had legions of imitators, but no rivals.

~ Kevin Brownlow, Film Historian

The Close-Up is an up close and personal view of the woman who changed the motion picture industry and left an indelible footprint on the way Hollywood is run today.

This film offers an insider’s view into the early days of silent film and the emergence of Hollywood as a creative and business force to be reckoned with. The storMary P w camera_sizedy weaves Mary’s struggles with an alcoholic first husband, a torrid affair that could cost her everything, her decision to stand up to the men who ran Hollywood, and her emergence as America’s first celebrity powerhouse.

From the founding of the Oscars to the launch of United Artists, to marrying Douglas Fairbanks, the love of her life, to their combined international fame and influence, Mary’s legacy is unmatched to this day. A film that explores love and passion as well as the birth of the most powerful art form in the world and the techniques that made it what it is today, The Close-Up brings us close up to an amazing woman and America’s original Sweetheart.


Director, writer, producer, and performer