Schoolhouse Rock Live!

…in your town and on your stage

Michelle produced the off-Broadway mega-hit, Schoolhouse Rock Live!.

Entertainment SRL! logo_sizedTonight called the show “A phenomenon…”

CNN proclaimed it a “…nostalgic blast from the past!”

MTV News said they “Can’t get enough!”

Schoolhouse Rock Live! continues to be as successful as it is entertaining. After a year long run in New York, Schoolhouse Rock Live! was licensed to Freddie Gershon’s Music Theatre International.  It instantly became one of their top, best sellers and is enjoyed by community theaters, schools, and professional companies across the country.

Check out VERB: THAT’S WHAT’S HAPPENIN’ compilation of Schoolhouse Rock Live! casts through the years.

You can license Schoolhouse Rock Live!, today.

Director, writer, producer, and performer