Of Course You Can Sing! Phone Coaching

Michelle’s innovative approach to singing, Of Course You Can Sing! Phone Coaching, is now available for purchase!

OF COURSE YOU CAN SING!  PHONE COACHING uses guided messages and OCYCS-EverAlive-coverprofessional expertise to help singers of any level build powerful vocal habits and discover their hidden talents.

The first program of its kind, OF COURSE YOU CAN SING! PHONE COACHING utilizes the features of a mobile phone to teach anyone how to become a better singer. A coaching system that literally changes your brain and creates new habits EASILY AND EFFORTLESSLY, scientists have recently discovered that small doses of data delivered over time is the most effective way for the brain to absorb and remember data.

Designed to reflect this learning modality, students receive DAILY voice and text messages from vocal coach, Michelle Cohen. Ideal for professionals who wants to take their singing chops up a notch or the amateur who just wants to learn how to sound better, OF COURSE YOU CAN SING! PHONE COACHING is a fun and supportive approach to better singing techniques. An all-inclusive tool, the first 14 days build your vocal instrument and confidence, while the second 14 days enhance interpretation and performance abilities.

“One of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard…I’m a voice teacher myself & I am definitely endorsing this product. Check it out, Peeps! ~ Shari Goldstein Umansky – Singing Teacher

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