Master Class Workshops and Lectures


Trust Your Gut

Get out of your busy mind. Discover the wisdom of your instincts in order to make better decisions and trust your choices.

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Find Your Voice: Public Speaking

Music or heightened sound can assist in breaking through anxiety or self-consciousness and help you with presentations and any kind of communication needed in the workplace.

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Discover Your Intuition

Find out what kind of intuitive abilities you have, determine your personal intuitive guidance system and build a relationship with it.

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Meet Your Intuitive Guides

Discover the loving presence of guidance and feel the power and reward that comes from interacting more consciously with it.

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Of Course You Can Sing! Vocal Coaching

No matter what anyone has told you in the past, you CAN become a better singer.

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Voice Workshop: Chanting for Yoga Practitioners

When singing or chanting during yoga, resonance, tone and vibration brings a clarity, calm and connection to your inner self as well as those around you.

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Lullabies: Learn to Sing and Bond with Your Child

Improve your singing and joyfully connect with your child.

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