Intuitive Sessions

“ As the creator of the Celebrity Gift Basket and Celebrity Lounge industries, I had the pleasure of getting readings from some of the top intuitives on the planet. Michelle has given me the most accurate readings I have ever received. If you’re thinking about having a session with her, DO IT!”   ~ Jaimsyne Blakely, Los Angeles, CA

A constant channel, Michelle is a deeply skilled intuitive. Her private intuitive sessions assist her clients in making the highest quality choices on their unique and individual path. Michelle also offers sessions devoted to accessing your own inner guidance, introducing clients to their personal guides, abilities, and ‘super powers’.  And for those needing a major overhaul, Michelle can work with you through her EXCLUSIVE! High Powered Intuitive Sessions Package providing a thorough and life changing alternative to the one you are currently leading within a month.

Michelle has the ability to read your personal blue print and get to the core blocks and either heal, transform or destroy them. It is a super fun and extraordinarily intense experience empowering you and your life to the fullest!

What To Expect

Sessions are surprisingly playful and loving, while the work is deep and powerful. Michelle can tune in on where you are and where you can be going. Her work is not fortune telling although within each session, there may be some sense of what will be coming in the future. Working together, clients discover terrific guidance and tools that can empower and encourage them to move forward with wonderful clarity and excitement. Michelle also helps people discover their inner guides and introduces them to spiritual journeying.

Read the appreciation of her clients in these testimonials  and listen to them discuss their experiences with Michelle’s Intuitive Sessions.

How do I book a session?

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