Downloads from the Universe



One of the more ancient ways people receive messages is through something very formally called bibliomancy. How does it work? Basically, flip open to a page that calls to you, read the sentence that ends up under your finger and, lo and behold, it will probably make you laugh because it is the perfect selection of words that brings you comfort, guidance, or clues as to what to do next.

That is what you can do with Downloads from the Universe. Depending on your mood, need, or question, pick a particular download page and see what is in store for you.

There is nothing like having real solutions and actual answers to your questions. There is nothing like being able to access any and all series of investigations and know that you will be receiving viable, if somewhat new, guidance and assistance.

For the past few years Michelle has offered a free Tune In Newsletter which amidst other goodies, delivers a weekly Download from the Universe. This book is the result of automatic writing where channeled information that pertains to the energetic weather and whatever guidance comes through. It is offered as a way to understand the changes that are happening on Earth as well as an awareness of how to have a more wonderful life.


Director, writer, producer, and performer