As a book writer and book proposal consultant, Michelle excels at identifying what is engaging and enthralling about a project. She is currently working on a new book entitled Weird, a novel about four teenage girls 
and a OUIJA board. Michelle was instrumental in bringing  Improvising Out Loud: My Life Teaching Hollywood How to Act, a memoir about actor Jeff Corey to print.

Michelle has also published four books. Actually, There is Something Under the Bed: A Parent’s Guide to Empowering Their Child In the Dark, which assists families in how to deal with their inner sensitivities and fears, MenOpop, a menopause pop-up and activity book for anyone with a sense of humor and a curiosity about change and Of Course You Can Sing! a gentle and hands-on primer for professionals and amateurs and anyone who wants to sing out and make a difference with their voice and Downloads from the Universe, using channeled information to empower your day and your life.

Director, writer, producer, and performer