Discover Your Intuition Workshop

Learn how to move from your busy mind to your wise heart and gut

Do you find it hard to relax? Do you sometimes get filled with anxiety or fear when you know deep inside you may not have to be? Do you wish you could make better decisions and choices but are just not sure how to trust? Wouldn’t it be amazing to stand in your fullest truth and alignment – powerful, centered, confident and commanding?

In a career as an intuitive spanning over 20 years, Michelle Cohen has given thousands of private channeled sessions. She helps her clients determine what is their personal intuitive guidance system and shows them how to build a relationship with it. She firmly believes that everyone has the ability to receive messages and assistance on their own. It is just a question of learning what your innate abilities are and how to access the information.

In this workshop, Michelle helps you uncover what kind of intuitive abilities you have and shows you how to develop your own gut and instincts. She can also sort through the best ways you can continue your relationship with your inner guidance and hone your energetic psychic skill sets.

In this workshop, you will explore:

  • relaxation techniques to get more firmly into your body
  • help quieting the mind and opening up the heart
  • how to trust that the guidance you are receiving is accurate
  • accessing guidance that can empower and encourage you to move forward with clarity and excitement

Michelle is dedicated to the joy of expression – so be prepared to laugh a lot and surprise yourself with sudden, seemingly miraculous transformations to your inner knowingness and guidance as you find out what might be your more organic, natural ‘super powers’! Known for her joyful approach and ability to create a safe environment for curiosity and exploration, Michelle helps her clients discover a thorough and life changing alternative to the life they are currently leading.

To register for this exciting workshop, go here

Limited seating in a private Dix Hills studio; Saturday, August 13, 10:00 – 11:30am. You will be given address details after registering.

Michelle is truly a gifted Being of Light. She sets you at ease immediately, with warmth and humor. You feel a connection to the Source she is able to tap into and know that you’re on a journey together to discover your potential. I can only describe my time with her as a transformative experience, a gift I can unwrap over and over again”
 ~ Sue K., New York

A multi-faceted writer, director, producer, performer and coach, Michelle Cohen and her diverse projects have been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, MTV, NPR’s “All Things Considered,” and in People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, the Chicago Tribune, and the Washington Post. Her book “Of Course You Can Sing!” has now been translated into inspirational private coaching lessons by Text and Voice Mail. Michelle’s other published books include “Actually, There is Something Under the Bed” and “MenOpop, (a Menopause Pop-up and Activity Book)”. Michelle created the online DIY course – “The Intuition Tool Kit” as a way to discover YOUR Personal Inner Guidance and how to work with it. In her career as an intuitive, Michelle caters to seekers and anyone who finds themselves at a crossroads, Michelle offers assistance that can bring someone in confusion into a state of delight. Her abilities exponentially change the way her clients perceive themselves in positive and permanent ways. Michelle is considered a constant channel: Capable of hearing, seeing, feeling, and knowing information there is no way she could know on her own, regardless of belief system or religious affiliation, her work can be considered conversing with the universe, spirit guides, angels, entities, higher self, or a really loud inner voice that can assist. Dedicated to empowerment, her work focuses on ways to help the human spirit laugh, sing and soar.

Director, writer, producer, and performer