Praise for MenOpop

“Enough with the fretful back-and-forth about hormone replacement and will it or won’t it kill you…the moment is ripe for MenOpop, a pop-up and activity book for the growing woman.”

~ The Washington Post

“Here’s a prediction: The day is fast approaching when a critical mass of baby boomer women will simultaneously reach menopause, and the resulting global hot flash will melt the world…To prepare for that day, you might want to order a copy of MenOpop.”

~ The Hartford Courant

“Feeling menopausal and ready to pop?… a hilarious and colorful pop-up activity book called MenOpop [will] help you laugh off that tension…Perfect for gift-giving for all your friends in the hot-flash club.”

~ Florida Today

“Now, for the Boomers who refuse to grow up, is a pop-up activity book to help ease the misery of that ultimate grown-up subject: menopause….MenOpop provides women—and the men in their lives trying to understand what they’re going through—a humorous tour through this middle-age rite of passage.”

~ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“If there’s a mature woman in your life you need a gift for, look no further than MenOpop.”

~ St. Louis Post Dispatch

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