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Intuition Tool Kit Sampler


SAMPLE INTUITION TOOL KIT – Introductory price $4

A taste of the Intuition Tool Kit includes the two most important lessons from the program that will give you immediate results PLUS a pdf workbook with exercises for those sections.

ADDED BONUS: 3 audio exercises to help with mindfulness, stress reduction/anxiety, peace and calm

Product Description

This package features the TWO MOST IMPORTANT lessons from the Intuition Tool Kit that teach you how to activate your psychic abilities fast.


4 audio files from the program that give immediate results, PLUS a pdf workbook with exercises for those sections:

  • disc 1 – Parts 1 & 2 – intro – proof that we are all psychic
  • disc 4 – Parts 1 & 2 – juicy info on how to set up and start to use your intuitive yes or no check in indicators

ADDED BONUS (not included in tool kit) – 3 audio exercises that address:

  • mindfulness/quieting the brain chatter
  • stress reduction/anxiety
  • peace and calm

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