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Accessing Your Inner Guidance Private Session


A personal 1 on 1 session where Michelle helps you discover what kind of intuitive abilities you have and shows you how to work with your own gut and instincts. She can also introduce you to your personal guides who are usually ecstatic to be recognized, named and noted. Michelle can also sort through the best ways you can continue your relationship with them and hone your energetic skill sets. Private sessions are conducted via the telephone and last an hour. An mp3 recording will be made available following the session.

Product Description

“The whole ability to interact and meet the spirit guides was really a very exciting moment for me…It left me confident that I have support 24/7 and to have that kind of sensation – that you have a group that has your back and is supporting you with all of the decisions you are making in your life left me feeling very comforted, very inspired” -Rob Koenig

Michelle firmly believes that everyone has the ability to receive messages and assistance on their own. It is just a question of learning what your innate abilities are and how to access the information. Do you see pictures in your mind’s eye, or swirly blobs in front of you? Do you hear words and voices? Can you feel your body tensing or relaxing as you learn something new? Do you suddenly just know to the bottom of your toes that something is or isn’t right with no obvious proof? Michelle will help you determine what is your personal intuitive guidance system and show you how to build a relationship with it.

Michelle can also introduce you to any soul who is traveling with you on your journey. She has discovered there are usually at least 3 guides who have been with you from birth and are happy to work with you more overtly. You can learn their names, forms and hear their messages and how they would like to interact with you now that you have been formally introduced.

You can use this session as great support to The Intuition Tool Kit. Get any questions answered and more honed, direct advice. Discover exactly which are your more organic, natural abilities and what tools would suit your needs and interest best.