Inner Guidance Session

Accessing your own inner guidance is a private session where Michelle helps you discover what kind of intuitive abilities you have and shows you how to work with your own gut and instincts. She can also introduce you to your personal guides who are usually ecstatic to be recognized, named and noted. Michelle will then sort through the best ways you can hone your ‘super powers’.

Michelle firmly believes that everyone has the ability to receive messages and assistance on their own. It is just a question of learning what your innate abilities are and how to access the information.  Michelle will help you determine what is your personal intuitive guidance system and show you how to build a relationship with it. Private sessions can be conducted in-person or via the telephone.

***Michelle is currently offering a 4 session package to access your inner guidance. Work privately with her assisting and assessing what are your specific super skills and guidance abilities. Then try it out and come back with questions and deeper awareness.


Director, writer, producer, and performer