Private Intuitive Sessions

Private intuitive sessions are conversations between you, Michelle, and the guidance that comes in. A totally fun and interactive experience, clients can ask and follow up on any questions they may have and receive advice on things they didn’t even realize they could learn about. As a channel, Michelle is involved in the sense that she makes the connection, helps facilitate the questions, and sorts through the answers until you are completely satisfied and full. Private channeled sessions can be conducted in-person or via the telephone.

It is recommended you come to your session completely open with no preconceived idea as to what “news” wants to come to you. Come prepared with questions or aspects of your life you would like to explore (career, love life, health, patterns, issues, finances, the state of the world or your world, etc.). The more details you can give, the more depth of information will be available.

Just as there are different types of doctors, there are different types of intuitives. Michelle does not consider herself a medium, so while there may be a chance a loved one who has passed may show up, that is not a usual expectation in her readings. She identifies herself mostly as a universal answering machine. Together, you and she press the play button and discover what information is available to you at this moment in time.



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