Automatic Writing Response

Submit any five questions you may have about yourself, your life, or the workings of the world. Michelle will type the response from a channeled group known to her as, The Beloveds and you will receive a written document of the answers. Since energy is fluid like a radio wave, Michelle can tune into your personal energy field and assist in accessing the messages you are yearning to receive.

Michelle has been channeling through automatic writing for over twenty years. She literally relaxes her hands over the keyboard and her fingers begin typing, without her own knowledge, and in response to the question at hand. Answers vary with each individual but tend towards compassionate guidance, reminders, and/or encouragement. This is not fortune telling or predictions. There may be a sense of what is possible or not probable, but one’s life and one’s life choices are ultimately always left up to the individual and free will.

Questions are yours to decide and can range from personal to general. Nothing is too sacred or strange to submit. And the responses are always fascinating and thorough.

Automatic writing responses are great if you have specific questions and want what Michelle calls a “love letter from the Universe” response. In this scenario, it is a direct download. Michelle is simply taking dictation and transmitting the words to you. Clients submit their questions in advance and do not need to be present during the personal automatic writing response sessions.




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