“3 Common Mistakes Nervous Singers Make That Cause Stress and Anxiety”

Your Host: Michelle Cohen


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Producer (Schoolhouse Rock Live!), singer, vocal coach and has served as adjunct faculty at several acting schools including NYU.

“I am someone who loved to sing as a child, but quit singing when my voice changed at puberty. I always wanted to start singing again and Michelle helped me do it with her relaxed, supportive, nonjudgmental, and FUN style. I may not be quite ready to cut a record but it’s such a blessing to have song back in my life. Thanks Michelle!” ~Domonick Wegesin
Michelle’s ability to inspire imagination, fun, creativity, colorfulness, and depth transformed me and my singing. Thank you, Michelle. You’re the best! I loved her idea that singing was really about saying words to music. What a simple, yet brilliant, idea. Michelle helped me breathe life into my songs.” ~Pennsy Nadler

In this phone call, you will learn:

  • A simple, revolutionary practice that erases stress and boosts confidence
  • How to breathe for better support
  • To stop listening to other voices and opinions
  • Why yawning, humming, and laughing are secret tools to vocal success
  • How singing is easier than we think because of the special relationship between our body awareness and our vocal production

Along the way, you will enjoy stories about the amazing transformations Michelle conducted with supposedly “tone-deaf” singers and what it’s like to take a singer (or a dreamer) from “I can’t” to “I can.”

By the end of this FREE telephone seminar, you will feel and SOUND more relaxed and confident in song and in life.

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Michelle believes that no matter what anyone has told you in the past, you CAN become a better singer.  A professional performer since childhood and a well-seasoned vocal coach, Michelle has taught all levels of singers from the shy karaoke dreamer to Broadway performers.  Astonished at the number of students who privately shared with her that along the way someone told them they could not sing, Michelle gathered her experience as a vocal coach, performer, producer and director and has designed a coaching system that literally changes your brain and creates new habits EASILY AND EFFORTLESSLY.

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Director, writer, producer, and performer