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In her career as an intuitive, Michelle has given thousands of channeled readings. Through private intuitive sessions and The Intuition Tool Kit, Michelle also helps clients around the globe discover their inner guidance and how to work and focus it for personal and business success. Her abilities exponentially change the way her clients perceive themselves in positive and permanent ways.

Michelle is considered a constant channel: Capable of hearing, seeing, feeling, and knowing information there is no way she could know on her own. Her work can be considered conversing with the universe, spirit guides, angels, entities, higher self, or a really loud inner voice that can assist.

Known for her joyful approach and ability to create a safe environment for curiosity and exploration, Michelle helps you discover a thorough and life changing alternative to the life you are currently leading.


Michelle’s private intuitive sessions and inner guidance sessions help and support artists, individuals, and business professionals on their pathway to success.

The testimonials praising her work and the appreciation of her clients can be seen in the results of these magnificent sessions.

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Actually, There is Something Under the Bed: A Parent’s Guide to Empowering Their Child In the Dark as well as Downloads from the Universe  are two book offerings from her intuitive abilities.

Michelle created the online DIY course – The Intuition Tool Kit as a way to discover YOUR Personal Inner Guidance and how to work with it.

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