EXCLUSIVE! High Powered Intuitive Sessions Package

Have you ever wanted your very own personal –

Fairy Godmother, Jiminy Cricket, Yoda, or Abraham?

Consider Michelle at your disposal

decision making

Michelle has the ability to read your personal blue print and get to the core block and either heal, transform or destroy it.

Either way – you will never be the same

She can cut to the chase, discern what is going on right now and what are the optimal choices for moving forward with full support from the universe for specific needs or goals

to get organized
to get unstuck
to get blocks/obstacles out of the way
to get where you are meant to be

These sessions are less about what is going to happen to you or for you  – it is more about what is presently happening and how can we help make it a more comfortable, successful lifestyle for you now. Michelle prefers to come up with what are sustainable long term solutions that you can actively carry out immediately.

Michelle is known for her nonjudgmental care and keeping people’s inner most secrets, fears and issues private. Because of her background in the entertainment field and being around so many celebrities her whole life, she specializes in working with rather well-known people and high end financial executives.

This is about YOUR empowerment—standing in your fullest truth and alignment – powerful, centered, confident and commanding.

Oh, and it is super fun!

Intense private Tune Ins providing a thorough and life changing alternative to the life you are currently leading within a month.

You get 6 personal 1-hour long, 1 on 1 phone call sessions with Michelle scheduled within 4 weeks.

In between sessions you can send emails which she will respond to within 24 hours if any particular questions come up.


Director, writer, producer, and performer