evolution of a writer

“In developing my creative skills, I came to writing much later in the game, although I did keep winning poetry contests and literary magazine awards without noticing my propensity for the written word.

I started working on The Close-Up, the Mary Pickford project just to see if I could write a script and considering the extraordinary response and reception I have received from Hollywood, I discovered I could. Happily, what started as an exercise has become a breathtaking journey into the core of our original artists and pioneers of the film industry.

Beyond Belief was born from meeting all of these alpha male stunt men who are also quite chivalrous and sensitive. It sparked my determination for people (especially women) to discover that there are these enormously amazing and cool men out there. I also wanted to incorporate some of the spiritual awareness I have gained through the years and show a woman willing to try everything new in order to create change in her life.

In the midst of working on another project, one of my business partners went into menopause – and like any sane person would do, we decided to create a pop-up book called MenOpop to make her and everyone else feel better??!!

Most recently I have begun writing about my other worldly experiences. Weird, is a novel based on actual events I experienced as a teen with my friends and the OUIJA board.

And finally I have offered my several decades worth of knowledge and love for singing with Of Course You Can Sing! and my several decades worth of knowledge and love for the supernatural with Actually, There is Something Under the Bed.

Welcome to my brain.”

Director, writer, producer, and performer