evolution of a writing consultant

“I think the fact that I am a classically trained actress who was steeped in the craft from an early age has placed me in great stead. I am familiar with the regular canon of playwrights as well as having explored lesser known or more obscure artists through the years. The same is true for novels, having an English teacher for a mom who would throw another classic my way whenever I was ‘bored’.

The fact that I, too, am a writer, not just a teacher has informed my understanding of the writing process itself. And my director’s eye seems to be very valuable for a writer to experience since they will eventually be working side by side with their own director once their piece gets picked up.

And of course the producer brain in me is never quite shut off. I do it to myself all the time. The writer thinks, “I know! Let’s put this scene on a ship!” and the producer responds, “Great! In the cabin…”

A skill I have learned I am quite good at is being able to see the story as a whole and help make sure the throughlines remain true to the author’s intention. Also, I discovered the hard way with my own work, that many critics tend to forget that the work is not their own and start trying to recreate it the way THEY would want it to go instead of how the person who ACTUALLY created the piece wants it to go. I never forget when I am working with someone else, that I am facilitating THEIR dream.”

Director, writer, producer, and performer