evolution of a performer

“To say I was an avid actress and singer as a youngster is an understatement. I made a deal with my mom, she would drive me to the auditions, if I got into the show, I would find someone to shlep me back and forth…I did it every time. I could not get enough of the rehearsal rooms, backstage, and playing onstage with fellow artists.

I was recording albums for children by the time I was twelve. I was selected for the New York State School of Theatre Program by 16 and in college I was winning contests and confounding my teachers at school because I already had so much training. And now that I could drive myself, I would go back and forth between shows at school and professional productions outside of campus.

I had the extreme luck to get my Equity card pretty quickly after graduating. I spent many years touring, recording and pursuing my passion.

While I have broadened my playing field by taking on many more behind the scenes roles now, I still keep active as a singer and actress whenever the right piece comes along.”


Director, writer, producer, and performer