a pop-up author?

Michelle is the proud co-creator and co-author of this humble attempt to make the world a safer place for menopause. She is still not sure how this strangely tangental property came into being. All anyone can remember is that when faced with a truly miserable menopausal business partner, the only thing anyone could think of as a way to make her feel better was to make a pop-up and activity book about it. Maybe they didn’t think hard enough….

Be that as it may, together this determined band set about to learn everything there ever was to know about the pop-up community, hired an incredible pop-up engineer (doesn’t everyone have one?), discovered the intricacies of paper let alone the ins and outs of menopausal symptoms. Then they calculated the hours between Hong Kong and America as they patiently waited while many amazing Chinese workers cut out paper fallopian tubes and a menopausal centerfold. Just don’t get Michelle started on the longshoremen strike they suddenly had to contend with when thousands of books were being shipped to the US.

But all’s well that ends well and now thousands of women and their loved ones have found great solace and delicious giggles from this beautifully produced, wickedly funny, and ultimately compassionate gift.

Director, writer, producer, and performer