Dedicated to making you laugh, feel empowered and soar. 
Michelle’s diverse background and multi-talents will amaze, amuse and transform you. Michelle and her varied products have been featured on: CNN, Good Morning America, MTV, NPR’s “All Things Considered”, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Maxim, FHM, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post.

Michelle is proud to have been the Producer for the Off-Broadway megahit, Schoolhouse Rock Live!, a show Entertainment Tonight called “A phenomenon…” She also produced Emmy Laybourne‘s comedy show, The Miss Alphabet City Beauty Pageant and Spelling Bee. The New York Post lauded the production as “…an exceptionally funny three-woman show that restores faith in our country’s comedic future.” Presently, she is assisting the estate of Jeff Corey to bring his memoir, Improvising Out Loud: My Life Teaching Hollywood How to Act to the public.  Book is due out May of 2017, with an introduction by his former student, Leonard Nimoy through University Press of Kentucky.

Michelle’s diverse theatrical directing career includes the one-woman show Toasted, which won San Francisco’s  “Best of the Fringe” award. The San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “Toasted…is brightly comic, painfully brave and, ultimately, terribly tragic…deftly staged by Michelle Cohen…well worth seeing.” As a filmmaker,  Beyond Belief is the short romantic comedy she also wrote and produced.

Vocal Coach
Michelle served as an adjunct faculty member at several acting schools, including NYU. She is the innovation behind Of Course You Can Sing! Phone Coaching, “One of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard…I’m a voice teacher myself & I am definitely endorsing this product!” ~ Shari U, New York. And now she can be heard as the ‘voice of nursery rhymes’ in Japan, for an online program she created bonding Japanese mothers with their children through creative, imaginative interpretations of English language stories.

Michelle has been performing professionally since childhood appearing in over fifty musicals and plays including Nunsense with Georgia Engel, Maria in Twelfth Night, and Lizzy in Baby. The New York Times wrote, Michelle Cohen sparkles as Lizzy, Danny’s pregnant roommate and spouse-equivalent. Ms. Cohen lets us share Lizzy’s battle to change from student to mother without losing her sense of self.” She was also featured in a short film documentary “Today’s Voices” about Generation Xers defying the stereotype of laziness and taking the world by storm.

Michelle has written several fun self-help books. Actually, There is Something Under the Bed empowers you and your child in the dark, “As a psychologist, parent, and perpetual student of spirituality, I whole-heartedly endorse this book from each and all of my perspectives. It offers the reader a simple, practical, concise, and action-oriented approach to empowering children and their parents with methods for conquering night-time fears…Great purchase, great value!!!” ~Rob K, New York.

As a pop-up author (?!) Michelle is thrilled to present MenOpop (a Menopause Pop-up and Activity Book)“Enough with the fretful back-and-forth about hormone replacement and will it or won’t it kill you…the moment is ripe for ‘MenOpop,’ a pop-up and activity book for the growing woman.” ~Craig Stoltz, Health Editor, The Washington Post.

And providing an inspirational resource for all singers, there is Of Course You Can Sing!“Rare is the how-to book that impels you to stop reading and try your hand (or, in this case, voice) at a performing art form. That’s precisely what happened for me and it was thoroughly inspiring to do so…(It doesn’t hurt that she also has a wonderful sense of humor; this book had me laughing almost as often as I was singing.)…This book really helped me feel confident that, by doing what the author suggests, I can be proud of my voice once again.” ~Sean P, California

Deeply skilled at giving Private Intuitive Sessions for over 20 years, Michelle provides jaw dropping insights and assistance, “Michelle is truly a gifted Being of Light. Her sessions are inspiring. Michelle sets you at ease immediately, with warmth and humor. You feel a connection to the Source she is able to tap into and know that you’re on a journey together to discover your potential. I can only describe my time with her as a transformative experience, a gift I can unwrap over and over again” ~ Sue K., New York

In order to discover your own internal guidance system, Michelle developed an online course, The Intuition Tool Kit, “I love the Intuition Toolkit! Michelle has such a wonderful voice that is both comforting and grounding. Her explanations are always clear and thorough and inclusive of every kind of listener… as spiritual as this work is, she allows room for people to use it like science or math or Facebook if they so choose… not even the biggest skeptics can deny that we all have “gut feelings” regardless of whether we listen to them. That’s the great thing about her approach…she doesn’t preach, she simply shares her knowledge and experience in a very loving way.” ~Stephanie S, New York

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